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These are some additional charges that may apply to your cat’s stay that may be suggested if your cat requires an exceptional amount of time or care from our caretakers. If in doubt, please speak to our caretakers for assistance.

  • Concierge Fee applies to when a guest is required to be transported out of the hotel. It does not include transport fees (etc. taxi fare) or rates incurred and charged for external services. Price is per trip.
  • Cleaning Fee will apply to any cases of cats presenting with severe diarrhoea, spraying or marking, thereby requiring caretakers to conduct additional, thorough disinfection and sterilization of the cabin. Price is per day, per cabin.
  • Extra Care Charge will apply to cats that are deemed extremely aggressive by our caretakers during medication & grooming instances only. Price is per day, per cat. Please adjust quantity accordingly.
  • Check-in & Check out Extensions will apply to cases where you need to extend your cat’s stay according to your travel schedule. Early check-in applies to check-ins from 12PM – 1PM. Late checkout applies to checkouts at 2PM. Waiting Charges is $20/additional hour*. Please adjust the quantity accordingly. 

*Subject to same-day availability, and does not guarantee the provision of a cabin. If your cat’s cabin is to be occupied by another cat during the wait period, it will have to be checked out to wait in its carrier until your return, in fairness to the next owner who has booked the facility to accommodate his/her travel plans.

Other Services

Concierge Fee, Cleaning Fee, Extra Care Charge, Check-in & Check out Extensions

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