Pidan Catnip Ball Cat Toy in Blue


  • Comes in a single size in blue
  • Made with safe and natural catnip
  • High-quality ABS makes the toy more durable
  • Bite & scratch resistant
  • Suitable for cats of all life stages

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Pidan Catnip Ball Cat Toy

Pidan Catnip Ball Cat Toy features catnip housed in a high-quality ABS (a type of thermoplastic resin) ball that is durable as well as bite and scratch-resistant.

Great for encouraging your cat to exercise and stay active, the fun and exciting Pidan Catnip Ball Cat Toy keeps your cat entertained and busy, chasing and clawing at it for hours.

Pidan Catnip Ball Cat Toy is also designed with a slotted curved opening that makes it easy for your cat to grab onto it.

Product Dimensions:

5 x 5 x 5cm.

Net Weight: 16.6g.

Material: ABS.

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