Pidan Extended Cat Teaser Wand


  • Comes in a single size in white
  • Made with safe and natural materials
  • Natural hand-dyed goose feathers
  • Feathers can be swapped for other accessories within this range
  • Stimulate cat’s natural hunting instinct
  • Suitable for cats of all life stages

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Pidan Cat Teaser Wand

Pidan Cat Teaser Wand is designed to be a fun and high-quality cat toy made with safe and non-toxic materials that your cat is sure to love.

Great for bonding with your cat, it makes playtime together fun and exciting while encouraging your cat to exercise and stay active! The toy is made using a lightweight and resistant carbon fiber pole which creates erratic movements, enticing your cat and stimulates their natural hunting instinct. The feather is made environmentally friendly with natural materials such as hand-dyed goose feathers. The feathers on the Pidan Cat Teaser Wand are interchangeable and swap-able with other refills.

Product Dimensions:

27 x 27 x 60cm

Net Weight: 60g.

Material: Nylon, TPU, Goose Feather, Aluminium

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